How to Make Working Out A Habit

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Sunkissed Lex! I am so excited to share today’s post because it’s about one of my absolute favorite activities: exercise. I have received so many comments lately about exercise being one of the biggest struggles for you guys, so I’m hoping this post will give you some ideas to help you stay consistent with a workout routine.

I want to start off by saying exercise is not just something you do if you want to lose weight. There are so many health benefits to exercise, both physical and mental (you can read more about this in my blog post 7 Lifestyle Changes to a Healthier You).  Our bodies are made to move, and you’ll start feeling a difference in your mind and body almost immediately after you start working out. With that being said, it can be hard to take the time and prioritize exercise when you have such a busy life, so here’s some advice on how you can start fitting it into your routine.

Disclaimer: Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program to determine if it’s right for you.

1. Start small

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Don’t set goals for yourself that you won’t be able to achieve; this will just serve as a way to deter you. If you feel like it’s too hard, you won’t want to go. Start small; a 15 minute walk with your dog, a one-minute jog followed by two minutes of walking, 10 minutes of stretching, etc. The important part at first is just starting. Make sure to be consistent with the time you go so that the habit starts to form, and have some way of tracking your progress, like a calendar to check off that you did your workout for the day, or an app on your phone to mark the day off. This will make you feel the accomplishment of your workout and help you keep track of what you did. Eventually you can start to increase the time of your workouts, and then the intensity, but don’t be in a rush. Remember, working out is a lifelong habit, which means there’s no finish line to rush to. Take your time and do what’s best for your body and your mind.

2. Find something you enjoy doing

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The key to sticking to an exercise routine is finding a type of exercise that you enjoy doing. It can be anything! Walking, running, biking, swimming, volleyball, basketball, tennis, golf, anything! If it gets you moving and you enjoy it, do it! It will help you look forward to your workouts if you actually enjoy what you’re doing.

3. Take progress photos

Even if you’re not working out to lose or gain weight, progress photos are a great way to see the changes in your overall health. After I started consistently working out, my skin had a different flush to it, and my body and face overall looked more lively, probably because exercise helps you get better sleep and can also help boost your mood, which are two things that can contribute to a dull appearance. And while it wasn’t necessarily what motivated me to workout, I did see changes in my muscles becoming more defined as well as some weight-loss around my mid-section. I think the progress photos were helpful because they let me see the changes that I wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t take them.

4. Have a workout buddy

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Having a buddy is such a great motivation to workout because you don’t want to let each other down, and the chances of both of you not feeling it on the say day are pretty slim, so that will help with staying consistent. Not just that but having someone to workout with can really help you push your limits. I know this isn’t true for everyone, but I know my competitive side won’t let me slack off if I’m working out with my friend.

5. Get a fitness tracker

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A fitness tracker will help you set goals for your workouts and also let you know the stats of your workouts as you do them, such as your heart rate, distance, your time, and an approximation of how many calories you’ve burned.  This can be helpful when you’re trying to figure out if you need to increase the intensity of your workouts, and it helps you set more specific goals for yourself.  It’s a way to track your progress and it also hold you accountable.

6. Post about your accomplishments on social media

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Share your progress on social media! Show off that you’re going for a hike or a run. It feels good to brag about your accomplishments a little; working out is hard and it’s something to be proud of. It’s something small to motivate you, but on the days when you really don’t feel like exercising, it’s the small things that will get you through!

7. Get a dog

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Now obviously, DO NOT get a dog only for this purpose. But if you were already thinking about getting one and just needed one more reason, this could be the reason! Dogs need exercise every day, so having one will help you get out and move more often. I swear, my dog is one of my biggest motivators on the days I’m not feeling it. She just has to give me one look with those little puppy eyes and I’m getting up off my butt and grabbing her leash.  

8. Cute workout clothes

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I’m a sucker for cute workout clothes and having the excuse to put on a cute outfit can be just the motivation I need for the day.

9. Just do it

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My last tip of advice; don’t stress about it. Workout because you want to, not because you feel like you have to. If you need a rest day, then rest. The gym will be there tomorrow. But at the same time, if you want to work out, then just do it. Don’t overthink it; working out shouldn’t be something you dread, it’s just something you do, like brushing your teeth. If you really feel yourself overthinking it, then count down from 5 and then just get up and go. You’ll feel more accomplished that you were able to push through and get the workout done.

That’s all I have for you today. Working out has changed my life in so many ways; let me know how it’s changed yours in the comment section below. Thank you so much for reading! Be sure to subscribe to see more post like this in the future!

45 thoughts on “How to Make Working Out A Habit

  1. Love this! I never thought to take progress photos but wish I had; there is nothing like looking at a little before and after to feel good about how far you have come; I started exercising consistently a couple years ago and have loved trying new workouts since then.
    Thanks so much for sharing your story; you have come a long way in three months. 🙂

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  2. Fantastic tips Lex! The first two are my favorite – start small and find something you love to do! For me it’s any sort of exer use outdoors, especially hiking, and paddling. When I’m out there sweating it feels more like fun than work! Ki knocking is also super fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Clarissa! The first two are definitely the biggest parts in starting out. It sounds like you already prioritize working out though, which is great! It’s awesome to see people taking care of their bodies! Thank you for reading!


  3. Great tips and advice. I’m a long distance walker, runner and I practice yoga. I love it all and feel great doing it! I’m only 6 months into yoga but it is fantastic- easy to get started and keep at. You are absolutely right – working out needs to be a habit. Thanks for sharing,


  4. That before and after shot is inspiration enough. It demonstrates the power of habit. During lockdown I made a caonscious effort to get fitter. I wish I had read this before then. Starting small was my initial error and it took months to realise. Thankfully I learnt the lesson finally.

    great writing.

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  5. My biggest roadblock in working out is that I have kids. I swear no matter what I do these days to try to work a workout into my schedule it either gets derailed by something my kids need to do or it is just too much work for me to do because I’m so tired. Quarantine fatigue is real.

    I have made an effort over the last week to walk my kids places instead of taking them in the car. We’ve walked to school to pick up school lunch and to the store to get cups for a lemonade stand. I wish I had more energy to get my workouts in.

    Thanks for the great tips though. I think I need a new workout outfit to get me in the mood. I have had my regular gear in the laundry for so long that I don’t even know what I have anymore.

    Happy workouts to you!

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    1. I’d say you’re off to a great start just by trying to incorporate more moving in your day to day activities! Anything is better than nothing, and starting is always going to be the hardest part. And new clothes definitely never hurt anyone 😉 thanks so much for reading!


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