6 Tips For a Guilt-Free Thanksgiving

Gobble gobble guys, it’s already time for Thanksgiving! My gosh, how this month has flown by! I have been keeping super busy with a project that I’m DYING to tell you all about (it will be announced in the next few weeks, I promise) and with the Holidays coming up, the month just sort of POOF! Gone. With that being said, I have a super fun Thanksgiving-themed post for you today!

Now I have to be honest, Thanksgiving is not really my jam (I’m much more of a Christmas gal), but I do enjoy taking one full day to just be thankful for everything that I have. I also really enjoy pumpkin pie, so overall the holiday is a win!

As we all know, Thanksgiving is all about the food (hello, mashed potatoes and gravy!) but the food that is served is not always the healthiest out there. So today’s post is all about being able to enjoy your Thanksgiving food guilt-free (because let’s be real, it’s one day of the year, and you deserve to eat, darn it!)

Just a little PSA, this post is focusing more on the mental health aspect of eating Thanksgiving dinner. If you are able to eat Thanksgiving dinner guilt-free, then this post is not for you! This is more for the people that struggle every year with that guilty feeling after they’ve eaten a holiday meal. I am not saying you should limit yourself in ANY way, but I know myself and I know others that struggle with feeling guilty after eating a big meal, so these are just some tips that have helped me feel satisfied every year but also guilt-free.

1. Eat a healthy breakfast

Photo by Trang Doan on Pexels.com

I always recommend starting your Thanksgiving morning off with a healthy breakfast. The reason for this is so that no matter what you eat later, you’ll at least know that you started off with something healthy. Make sure to include a serving of fruits and veggies (because your Thanksgiving meal will probably be lacking in both), and make sure it’s fulfilling; this will keep you from over-eating when it’s time to eat later. Starting off your day the way you normally do will keep your mind from feeling guilty about it later.

2. Pace yourself (intuitive eating)

Photo by Casey James on Unsplash

Don’t heap a huge pile of food onto your plate from the beginning. Start off with a little bit of everything, and then if you’re still hungry, go get a second plate. We feel obligated to eat everything on our plates, so by doing it this way you’ll eat less food than if you were to pile it all on and stuff yourself to make sure you eat everything. Plus, it takes about 20 minutes for our brain to register that our stomach is full, so this will give you a little bit of time to help your body know that you’ve had your share of food. Also, another tip; listen to your body when it says it is no longer hungry. Being overly full will just make you feel gross, and that will not help with feeling guilty later.

3. Post-food walk

I love to do this with my family every year; after we eat our share of food, we go and take a walk around the neighborhood. I think it helps the food digest a little better and helps with that overly-full feeling. It’s also nice because people have usually started to put up Christmas decorations, and it’s fun to see all the decorated yards and houses every year.

4. Share your deserts ( or cut small pieces)

Photo by Natalia Y on Unsplash

I think this is a great way to be able to try a little bit of everything without feeling the guilt of eating three slices of pie. I’ll usually cut my desert in half and share it with my boyfriend, so that way I can try more of the deserts and not feel like I over-did it, but if you don’t feel like sharing, then cutting smaller pieces works too.

5. Avoid snacking when you’re not hungry

Photo by Element 5 on Unsplash

My family always has these huge smorgasbord of food, and it’s just left out on the table for the whole evening so that people can grab some as they please. And me, being a mindless eater, will always go a grab another roll or another slice of pie even when I don’t really want it; it’s just something to do to keep my hands busy. Whenever I notice myself doing this, I immediately put the food down and I go try to occupy myself (usually I jump in on a board game the rest of the family is playing, or I go grab one of the kids and go outside to play); it doesn’t really matter what you do, but try to remove yourself from the food area and keep your mind busy doing something else. I feel a lot less guilty later if I don’t eat mindlessly.

6. Remember what the day is all about

Remember, Thanksgiving day is all about being thankful for what you have. It’s time to focus on your family and friends and be grateful for all the good things in your life. You deserve to eat whatever you want, and that remains true even when what you want is three slices of pie and mashed potatoes.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Let me know what your favorite Thanksgiving food is in the comment section below, and make sure to subscribe to the blog to so you never miss a post! I have a surprise announcement next week (not the big one, but it’s still good!). I can’t wait to hear all about your Thanksgivings!

15 thoughts on “6 Tips For a Guilt-Free Thanksgiving

  1. Lovely blog post. We don’t have thanksgiving in the UK but you could use these tips for Christmas Day too. I love your tip on not eating till your actually hungry, I think I should do that in my everyday life x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s definitely helpful so you don’t over eat! In America we have a huge issue with massive portion sizes and people feel obligated to eat everything on their plate, so they eat way more than what they need! It’s definitely a tip to live by!


  2. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here but it’s totally fine to have a day without feeling guilty, the same applies to Christmas! But a walk does always help ease the food baby x



  3. Goodness I am guilty of all of these on Christmas Day (I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving!) but for a few days a year I love to indulge and not worry about what I’m eating. I always have a smaller and healthier breakfast though so that at the end of the day at least I know I ate one healthy meal!

    Liked by 1 person

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