DIY Candy-Cane Jars

Day two of Blogmas is here, and today I have a DIY craft for you! I’m gonna start this post off by saying I am in no way a professional crafter, and this is not a crafting blog. I just enjoy doing crafts this time of the year so I thought I’d share! With that being said, I am learning as I go, so I’m going to walk you through my steps, but I also have some recommendations for things I would change if I were to do this craft project again! However, it was a blast to make these jars, and it was super simple, so I hope you enjoy this post!

How To Make Candy-Cane Jars

First off, the materials you need:

1. Jars (I used some jars I had lying around the house, but if you want a more uniform look you can purchase some cheap mason jars from your local craft store!)

2. Red and white acrylic paint

3. Paint sponges/ paint brushes

4. Masking tape or painters tape

5. Clear coat sealant

6. Glitter (optional)

STEP ONE: Start with painting the entire jar with two coats of white paint. Let the paint dry completely in between coats, and after the second coat is applied, let the paint dry for a few hours.

STEP TWO: Using masking tape, painters tape, or washi tape, tape off stripes on the jars at a slight angle. This step was definitely the toughest, just because we had to adjust the tape and the angles quite a bit before we got it to look right. Just be patient, you’ll get there!

STEP THREE: Using the paint brushes or sponge brushes, paint the jar red. I used two coats because I wanted it to be a darker red, but one coat gives the jar a more rustic look. Let the paint dry overnight.

STEP FOUR: Remove the tape. There might be some places where the red paint bled over onto the white, so some touch-ups may be needed.

STEP FIVE: Spray the sealant coat on. Make sure to do this outside!

STEP SIX: Add any extras! I added some twine around the tops of my jars and some greenery, and now they make perfect center-pieces!

I hope you enjoyed this crafting idea as much as I did! It was a lot of fun and they honestly came out so cute. I loved being creative with it (on some we added glitter, and we played around with doing some other colors besides red and white) and we had a really great time. Let me know what you think in the comment section, and if you have any other crafts for me to try out; I would love to hear your recommendations! See you all Friday with A Gift Guide for the Fit Guy!

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